Alive in JAPAN!

I’ve beaten some fairly serious odds in my life. But I’m still ALIVE and I live in Japan – hence: “Alive in Japan! It’s the main backdrop against which I look at the world these days.

Coming from a background in broadcast journalism for more than 25 years , I like to think I’ve developed a common-sense approach to deciphering the language used in post-modern media coverage of world events, and what is really going on behind the way people with a public profile present themselves. I enjoy pulling apart the words that are spoken to try and get to the actual meaning that’s coming across.

I talk about the world we live in from my own unique perspective. And it’s not always about serious stuff either: It can be as trivial as – when I see someone brave enough to walk in public wearing bell-bottoms – that my immediate thought is they looked ridiculous in the 1970’s – and they still look ridiculous today! I usually say out loud what most people might be thinking! Get ready for some direct, occasionally satirical, possibly funny, and hopefully entertaining content that strikes a chord with me – and, hopefully, you too.